The Charlestown Women's Club is a social group for women for all ages based in Charlestown, Massachusetts.

In May 2023, I shared my struggle on Facebook to connect with other women in the city as someone who doesn’t have kids & works from home. Over 250+ women contacted me, and the Charlestown Women's Club was officially created!

As of September 2023, I'm proud to share that we have:

  • Held 5 workout classes
  • Organized 5 cocktail parties & collected food donations at each event

From one vulnerable Facebook post, an amazing community of women was formed. I'm grateful for the new friendships I’ve made & the positive impact it’s made.

Join the Charlestown Women's Club Facebook Group here or follow the Charlestown Women's Club on Instagram here. 

Email is the primary way we communicate with our members, so to be added to the group, please sign up here and provide the best email address to reach you about events so you don't miss out.