Listen to Boston Real Estate Agent, Lindsay Higgins and Attorney Jon Duane from Hoye & Duane Real Estate Attorneys talk all things real estate on the South Shore's Radio Station WATD 95.9FM.



TIMESTAMPS 02:50 -- Lindsay Introduction

03:40 -- Buyers Preapproval Letter

05:00 --12:30 -- Lindsay Speaks On Title Issues What do you do when the neighbor is parking on your land and you go to sell? How this will affect your home sale legally.

12:27 - 13:20 -- Meet Boston Real Estate Agent, Lindsay Higgins (Lindsay's Formal Introduction)

13:30 - 16:15 -- What Do You Do When You Find A Grave On The Property?

16:10 - 20:10 --- When You Expect Your New Home To Be "Broom Clean" Versus Reality. Learn about what a final walkthrough is. Lindsay explains what a final walk-through is and shares a recent experience of a final walkthrough of the home before first-time home buyers. When there are holes in the wall in the house you are just about to buy from mount TV and more.

21:29 - 24:33 -- Title Issues Continued Parking, when someone dies and they are still on the deed, husband & wife own together

24:43 - 26:15 -- Title Insurance - Do I need it for a newly built property?

26:00 - Lindsay and Jon talk about where she grew up, her family, and working for Classified Realty Group.

28:00 - 32:00 First-Time Home Buyers

Buyer frequently asked questions Why Lindsay's buyers don't have "buyer fatigue" Lindsay shares stories of buyers she's worked with and why cash isn't always king First-time home buyer's misconceptions

32:00 - 33:40 - Jon talks about adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM)

33:45 - 37:30 -- Lindsay talks about how buying a house and all the mortgage language is scary and intimidating to first-time home buyers. Jon talks about interest rates and appreciation.

37:35 - 42:00 - How much do I even need to buy a house? Lindsay explains what an FHA mortgage is and PMI means. You don't need to be an expert in all facets of real estate. Trust who you work with and the team they work with.

42:10 42:48 -- Where's the mailbox?

42:57 -- 44:13 - If you are planning on getting married and don't currently own, you should talk to a realtor before you start planning your wedding.

44:55 - 47:35 -- Jon's talk about Father's Day and going to Maine

47:31 -- 49:39 -- Lindsay talks about how social media/internet has affected real estate. Register for Lindsay's upcoming webinar for first-time home buyers.

49:40 -- 51:05 Jon talks about the negative perception of VA loans

51:31 to 52:55 -- Letting A Seller Live In The Home You Purchased Until They Find A House